What is a responsive double?

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Are responsive doubles Alertable?

Most doubles are not alertable; however, all these doubles are alertable. A “Responsive” Double is a Take-Out double by a Responder to the Overcaller following an immediate raise in the same suit, most often at the 2- or 3-level over Partner’s Takeout Double.

When can you pass a takeout double?

In general, any low-level double after opponents have bid a suit (especially if they have found a fit) and partner has passed is generally played for takeout: the opener himself can double for takeout in the second round of bidding, after the opponents have entered the auction and partner had (usually) passed.

What is a support double in bridge?

The support double is a bridge convention used to distinguish between three-card and four-card support for partner’s suit response to one’s opening bid in the scenario where his response is either overcalled or doubled by the opponents.

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