What are the basic rules of euchre?

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What are the rules of Euchre?

In Euchre, you win a hand and score points for taking the majority of the tricks in a hand, which means winning three or more of the five tricks available. You get more points if you take all five tricks. The first to a specified total of points, generally 10, wins the match.

What cards do you use for Euchre?

Standard Euchre uses a deck of 24 playing cards consisting of A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 of each of the four suits; it may also be played with 25 cards by adding a Joker. A 52-card deck can be used, omitting the cards from 2 to 8, or a Pinochle deck may be divided in half to form two Euchre decks.

Who picks up the card in Euchre?

The suit of the card that is turned up is offered for trump. The person to the left of the dealer decides if they want that suit to be trump. If they do, they order the dealer to pick up the card (the dealer will discard another one, to get back to 5 cards), and trump is made.