How many cards do you need to play 500?

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How do you win the card game 500?

If only the two opponents reach or exceed 500 points during play, the one who takes the first trick wins the game. If one player reaches or exceeds a minus 500, that player must continue play until an opponent wins the game. If that player later reaches or exceeds 500, no one wins the game.

What cards are in a 500 deck?

500 is commonly played with a 43-card deck: 4–Ace in Hearts and Diamonds (11 cards each), 5–Ace in Spades and Clubs (10 cards each), plus the red Joker. In suits other than trump, ranks are typical with Ace high.

Can you play two handed 500?

Two-handed 500 is played with a deck of 43 cards as per the standard game. Whereas in the standard game which includes partners, in the Two-handed game each player plays both the hand that is dealt to them and their partner’s which is dealt to the table.

How many cards do you need to play 500?



Skills required

Memory, Tactics





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