How do you play the card game 63?

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What are the rules for the card game 63?

Bidding Each player bids based on the number of points he/she feels that their team can take, with the minimum bid being 40 and the maximum bid being 63 (hence the name of the game). The player willing to bid the highest will ‘take the hand’ and be able to decide which suit will be trump.

How do you play Pedro for dummies?

ace (“high”)

1 point

other five of same colour (“left pedro”)

5 points


15 points

two (“low”)

1 point

How do you play the card game King Pedro?

King Pedro is a trick-catching card game in which half of the trump cards are worth points. Players compete to capture the most points, generate the highest score, and thereby win the game. You’ll need four players, split into partners who sit across from one another, and a standard deck of 52 cards.